Large Selection of Nature Crystals, Semi Precious Stones, Geodes , Fossils and Rare Specimens

Birthed for your physical, mental, and spritual well-being.


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As you enter into this oasis, your'e welcomed by the different color vibrations the crystals emmit. At our space you will find the magic and joy, minerals offer. Here we dedicate our time to bring to you quality and immense selection, only at Crystals Garden :)

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We have over hundreds of minerals found throughout earth. Contact us if you are searching for any specific and special Crystals For your Collection, and we will update it on our online store! 212.475.5710 or For online inquiries only.

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Amazing selection of Exotic Plants for your house. Diverse selection of Authentic Artisan Items For your spirit and soul. Come by and ask our passionate staff any curious question you have!

Everything mother earth makes is unique and special!

Every Crystal has its own one of a kind look! hundred of years in the making, every piece we send to you will be especially picked just for you! We have Crystal Consultants who spirtually choose the mineral that will be compatible with your unique energy the universe has blessed you with!

Crystals Gardens NYC

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Between 1 Ave and Ave A

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Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

We Provide Exotic Plants And Cacti With Delivery!

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