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Tiger Eye Multicolored Tumbled

Tiger Eye Multicolored Tumbled

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Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone with many spiritual properties that can benefit those who use it. Here are some of the spiritual properties associated with Tiger Eye Multicolored Tumbled:

  1. Protection: Tiger Eye is known for its protective properties. It is said to create a shield around the wearer, warding off negative energy and promoting a sense of safety and security.

  2. Courage: Tiger Eye is also associated with courage and bravery. It can help to boost confidence and self-esteem, giving the wearer the courage to take on new challenges and overcome fears.

  3. Balance: Tiger Eye is believed to help balance emotions and promote a sense of inner calm. It can help to ease anxiety and stress, and promote feelings of peace and tranquility.

  4. Clarity: Tiger Eye is said to enhance mental clarity and focus. It can help to improve concentration and aid in decision-making.

  5. Spiritual Growth: Tiger Eye is also associated with spiritual growth and development. It can help to deepen one's connection to the divine and promote a sense of spiritual awareness and insight.

Overall, Tiger Eye Multicolored Tumbled is a powerful stone that can help to promote a sense of protection, courage, balance, clarity, and spiritual growth.

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